Tree Service Colorado Springs

Hi, my name is Don Ruybal. I am the owner & operator of Peak Tree Service, LLC. With 15 years experience safely trimming trees, diagnosing sick trees, removing trees & grinding stumps, I can help you with any of your tree service needs. Peak Tree Service LLC is licensed & insured.

Peak Tree Service Colorado Springs

My extensive knowledge regarding local issues & diseases that affect our local Colorado Springs trees enables me to provide comprehensive explanations

  • regarding local tree diseases,
  • insects in the area that can attack trees and
  • how best to beautify our local Colorado Springs trees.

I recently started Peak Tree Service to help local homeowners and assist commercial property managers maintain their trees.

Why choose us for tree service Colorado Springs?

I love trees. Other tree trimmers may take shortcuts or do something that doesn’t look that good. I will go the extra mile. I like to see it look good for myself. After 15 years, I have a lot of experience dealing with dangerous situations, and I’ve been able to work safely for many years.

One of our top priorities is the safety of the homeowner. During our initial evaluation, we will ask you to keep pets & children away from the work area. We will also ask you about possible property that could be damaged. For instance, if there is a bird bath or fence in the work area, we will point this out and work with you to get your valuables moved properly before any work is done. 

Peak Tree Service enjoys that we can help make our local landscaping look good.

tree service Colorado Springs
Tree service Colorado Springs

What does Peak Tree Service help with?

If it has to do with a tree, Peak Tree Service can help you! We work with homeowners, property managers, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes. Some of our services include:

When can we help you with tree service Colorado Springs?

Peak Tree Service offers free estimates. We will work with your schedule to get an appointment to give you a thorough evaluation of your unique tree needs.

We schedule customers as soon as possible, and we work really hard to give people options that fit their schedule.

Our schedule is flexible and made for our customers. We conveniently give customers a 2-hour window of arrival to ensure that all of our appointments are on-time, and our customers can have a hassle-free day.

Call us Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm for a free estimate or for service.

How does our process work?

Peak Tree Service schedules an estimating appointment that’s convenient for you. We keep our word from the very beginning. We will arrive at your home, commercial property or apartment complex on-time. When Peak Tree Service gets to your home, you’ll be able to show me the tree or trees that need service, and show me what you want done.

I’ll thoroughly answer any questions you have, and give a completely upfront estimate. If you decide to go ahead with the work, I’ll schedule an appointment to get started. If you’re collecting additional estimates, I’ll leave a business card. Call me anytime to approve the estimate, and I’ll come out to trim or remove your trees.

Peak Tree Services show up when we say we’re say going to, & we do the work for the agreed upon price.


Our company highly values our own safety & our customers’ safety. We always work with safety harnesses and other appropriate safety equipment. We inform our customers what safety precautions they may need to take when they are standing beneath a tree with a loose branch or if they have additional looming safety issues.

If there is a safety precaution available, we will ensure it is used! We work to educate customers about removing children, pets & other valuables from the work area. During our initial consultation, we will take note of any property that might be damaged: bird feeders, fences, cars, etc and work with the homeowner to safely move this property before work begins. 

Frequently Asked Questions about tree service Colorado Springs

Our customers often have many questions. Peak Tree Service delights to answer tree questions comprehensively and share our extensive knowledge of trees.

A few questions our customers often have:

What is water bacteria disease or slime flux?

Water bacteria disease or slime flux will only affect elm trees. Just like a human may get a bacteria infection known as a cold, slime flux is like the tree has a cold. This “cold” causes mucous excess, or waters, minerals and salts to leak from the tree. The tree will not die. However, if you’d like more information on treatment options, give us a call for a free consultation.

Does my tree have mountain pine beetle? Is mountain pine beetle dangerous? Does it spread?

Mountain pine beetle is dangerous and can spread very easily. One indicator of mountain pine beetle is if the wood has bluish color. Peak Tree Service can diagnose the tree, and help you know for sure if your tree is affected.

Can I do the tree trimming work or tree work myself from a ladder?

No! Peak Tree Service strongly recommends hiring an expert. We have often observed the injuries that homeowners receive from trying to do the work themselves. One of the dangers of working from a ladder is that the tree will come down butt first after it is cut and hit the ladder, taking the aspiring DIY homeowner with it. Tree trimming & tree removal is very dangerous work! Please do not attempt work on your trees yourself.

Where does Peak Tree Service provide tree service Colorado Springs?

Peak Tree Service operates in Colorado Springs and is insured. Licensed by the City of Colorado Springs, we’ve been approved by the Colorado Springs city forestry service to care for trees.