Tree Trimming Colorado Springs

Why is Tree Trimming Colorado Springs Important?

If you have trees in your yard, it might be tempting to leave them be. Simply let them grow as they will—as wild as possible! But there are good reasons why you should take care of your yard, and have your tree trimmed.

The first reason is simple aesthetics. Trees usually look better if you keep them trim and contained. In some cases, it can be nice to let your yard get a little overgrown, but most people prefer a well-trimmed look. Trees left to go wild can get big and bushy, and not leave any room underneath to walk through.

But there are far more important reasons to trim your tree—those to do with safety, and the health of the trees in your yard.

Tree Trimming Colorado Springs

Tree Trimming Colorado Springs: Tree Branches Health and Safety

If your tree has dead or broken branches, these could become a hazard. They could break off at any time, especially in high wind. Or they could get so old, rotten or dry that they just drop off! Needless to say, this is a safety risk if you spend any time in your yard.

Another safety risk is the risk of damage to your home. A branch might get long enough that it could reach your windows or roof. If there’s a high wind, and the branch bends, it could break a window or a roof tile.

There are also lots of other risks that might apply:

  • The tree could block your vision while driving out of your driveway, or even block the view of passing cars
  • A branch could make contact with a utility line or a power line
  • Two crossed branches could rub together, which might make one of them drop unexpectedly
  • A loose tree branch could be hanging in your trees without your knowledge.

It’s easy to imagine plenty of situations where a falling tree branch could cause damage to your property. Don’t let that happen—remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Health of the Tree

You also have to think of the health of the tree. The tree might be infected in one of its branches, in which case it should be pruned. Hiring an arborist to do your trimming work will also allow them to generally take a look at the tree, to see if there’s any problem you haven’t spotted.

Besides that, pruning is generally good for the health of any plant. It encourages them to put effort into growing new branches, shoots and leaves. Strategic pruning can also allow air to flow and light to fall on parts of the tree that it otherwise wouldn’t, because of overcrowding.

It’s counterintuitive, but cutting away healthy parts of a tree can make the tree healthier in the long term.

How to Trim Trees

Don’t trim trees yourself

You should never trim trees for yourself. Tree trimming is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Tree trimming is incredibly dangerous work and should only be performed by professionals with the right tools, safety knowledge and experience. A big mistake homeowner’s often make is attempting tree trimming themselves. Homeowners often damage their property or their health. Peak Tree Service has often seen a tree still on top of a house, but the homeowner’s arm is now broken after attempting tree trimming themselves.

Hire a tree trimming expert

Peak Tree Service often uses these rules of thumb while trimming trees:

  • It’s best to prune during the off season. That way the tree is better prepared for the growing season.
  • When pruning for reasons other than disease, we are not too harsh. We avoid removing thick branches where possible. 3-4 inches in diameter is the limit on branches we remove. Any bigger than that and it would take the tree a lot of ‘effort’ to grow something in its place.
  • We don’t trim a branch too close to the tree, or too far from the tree. We don’t remove the collar (the part that connects the branch to the tree) when trimming a tree.
  • We never remove more than a quarter of a tree’s crown at once. If we do need to remove more than that, we work to to trim it over the course of years rather than in one go. 
  • We make sure that there are live branches on the top two thirds of a tree, at least. Only leaving them on the top third could cause the tree to become unbalanced.

As you can see, there are lots of different rules to remember. These aren’t all of them—if you wanted a full guide, you would need to read a lengthy book, not a web page. 

But what should be clear is that this isn’t something you can necessarily do yourself, not just because of safety risks, but because it’s easy to get wrong. If you get it wrong, the tree could die and all of your effort will have been for nothing. That’s why people rely on experts instead.

Why Hire an arborist, or a professional tree trimmer?

There are a number of reasons why hiring an arborist, or a professional tree trimmer, is a smart idea. The first is that tree surgery can be dangerous. Pruning back thin, weedy branches is one thing. But if your yard is overgrown and your tree has grown wild, it will need more than a light trim. That’s especially the case if the tree is sick.

Why is tree surgery dangerous? Because it involves working at height, dangerous tools like chainsaws, and big heavy branches that could fall and kill you. This is much more dangerous than your average DIY. 

It also takes expertise. Trees can have all sorts of conditions—from fungal and bacterial infections to invisible kinds of rot. Treatment depends on the sickness, as it always does. If you can’t identify what’s wrong, how can you fix it? An arborist can identify the problem using their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, and apply the right solution.

Why Pick Peak Tree Service for tree trimming Colorado Springs?

Peak Tree Service offers tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, fire mitigation and more to the people of Colorado Springs. They have fifteen years of experience working with trees in the area, and have worked on residential tree trimming projects and with commercial tree trimming clients. Peak Tree Service is approved by the Colorado Springs city forestry service to trim trees.

Better yet, Peak Tree Services offers free estimates and sensible pricing. Free estimates mean that you’ll never be left out of pocket or surprised by the cost of having your tree treated. So, give Peak Tree Service a call today, and find out how they can help with your homes’ health & safety!