Stump Removal Colorado Springs & Stump Grinding Colorado Springs

Cutting down a tree is tough work. But what’s usually left behind is the stump. These are tricky to cut up and move away, so they usually are left untouched.

But if someone were to go to the trouble of cutting down a tree, it would be a shame to leave an unsightly stump. There is a way to get rid of them, and Peak Tree Service can help.

Why Might You Need Tree Stump Removal Colorado Springs? 

No doubt you’re wondering what the point of removing a tree stump is. So long as there’s a path around it, it isn’t in the way. You can even use it as a seat!

But there are good reasons to get rid of old stumps in your yard. The first is purely aesthetic: if you want your yard to have a modern look, a stump would stand out like a sore thumb. Not only that, but there’s a chance that it could decrease your house value if a potential buyer took offense to it. 

It will also get in the way if you want to redesign your yard. If you wanted to lay a patio, for example, you would have to either build around it or put a deck over it. Either option is more complex than simply getting it removed. 

The final reason is the most obvious—if you would rather get rid of it, that is more than a good enough reason.

What Is Tree Stump Grinding Colorado Springs? 

One option for stump removal Colorado Springs of old tree stumps is tree stump grinding. Stump grinders are medium-sized machines that look like lawnmowers. But rather than mow the lawn, they eat up old, dead wood. They have a very sharp blade on their underside, which is much stronger than the kind you find in a lawnmower. They cut and grind the wood of the stump. 

As the stump grinder does its job, it turns the remaining wood into sawdust or mulch material. This can be used for gardening, or disposed of, whichever you prefer.

How to Use a Tree Stump Grinder

Before starting any yard work, especially that involving large machinery, you have to think of safety first. Peak Tree Service does not recommend working with stump grinders yourself, trimming yourself or performing any dangerous work by yourself.

Peak Tree Services takes all the proper precautions against the chunks of wood that a grinder will send flying. As such, we wear goggles, work boots and long pants to work on stump grinding projects.

Next, we aim to make the stump as small as possible before passing over it with the grinder. A basic chainsaw helps us with this. This will leave much less work for the grinder. This is important, because grinders only have a certain capacity to cut above and below ground.

Once as much as is possible has been cut away, Peak Tree Services passes the grinder over the remaining stump. We move the cutter from side to side, pushing through the wood, repositioning the machine carefully and repeating as much as necessary, until we have cut all the way through the stump.

Peak Tree Service occasionally moves the grinder away to see how much stump is left. Ideally, we cut between four and five inches below the ground. This will ensure that the tree roots are fully disconnected from the stump, so the roots will die more quickly and be absorbed into the ground, with no digging necessary.

There will be some clean-up afterwards, because the grinding process creates lots of wood chips. They can be used for gardening, or simply thrown away. Peak Tree Service works hard to ensure all our of homeowners yards and commercial client properties are left and free of debris.

Stump removal Colorado Springs without a Grinder?

It is possible to remove much of a stump without a grinder. A chainsaw will get rid of much of a stump with relatively little effort. But at the end of the process, there is still lots of wood left, and it won’t go away on its own.

After cutting away most of the stump, we can then attack the part of the stump that meets the roots. There are a few ways to do this. The first is to try and cut away at the roots with a shovel. This will only work if the roots are thin enough that they can be cut. 

We could also try picking away at the remaining stump and roots with an ax. But using either a shovel, an ax, or any other handheld tool is labor intensive work. It’s definitely more labor intensive than hiring a grinder.

Why Call an Expert to Remove Tree Stumps?

There are several good reasons why you should consider hiring a professional for stump grinding Colorado Springs:

  1. Working with big, heavy machinery is awkward and dangerous.
  2. An arborist can perform work on the other trees in your yard at the same time. They can identify potential contagious diseases, trim other trees, and more. 
  3. An expert can dispose of the leftovers for you. Depending on the size of the stump, there may be a big, heavy bag of chippings and sawdust left behind. 

So, if you’re convinced that you need to get rid of a tree stump, call Peak Tree Services!

Why Call Peak Tree Services?

Peak Tree Services is a local company that works with trees. They do everything from tree trimming, to complete tree removal. They have been in the area for 15 now, and bring all that experience to every job they do. They are happy to work with both residential stump removal and commercial stump removal clients. So, whatever you need, give Peak Tree a call or email today!