Fire Mitigation Colorado Springs

Tragedy can overtake any home. Fire damage, flood damage and pests can destroy your property overnight. But did you know that through fire mitigation and the creation of defensible space, you could prevent natural fire damage from ever affecting your home? 

Fire Regulations in Colorado

Something that few people know is that fire regulations actually dictate where you can have trees in your property, and how those trees are trimmed. Local firefighters specify in their regulations that you must have 10ʼ minimum clearance under the lowest branch, and 30ʼ minimum clearance to a structure (building). This makes something called fire mitigation necessary. 

Not everybody follows these regulations. But they are there for a reason—to protect you, your home and your family.

Fire mitigation Colorado Springs

What Is Fire Mitigation?

Fire mitigation is where you remove potential fuels from around your home, to prevent fire from causing damage to your property. ‘Fuels’ doesn’t just mean gas or propane tanks lying around. It means anything that could provide fuel for a fire. 

Brush fires, grass fires and forest fires can all damage your property severely. But if you reduce their potential impact through mitigation, and create a defensible space, it won’t.

What Is Defensible Space?

Defensible space is a simple concept. A landscaper/arborist will clear a space around your home, getting rid of or cutting back vegetation. The idea is to create an empty space which fire can’t cross, or at least can’t cross quickly. 

Not only that, but it allows a space for firefighters to access where they can treat fire in both directions. To tackle a fire effectively, fire crews need space not just for their equipment but for themselves to stand safely. A defensible space allows them room to manoeuver. 

This essentially involves thinning tree crowns, cutting away vegetation, and keeping grass short. In addition to keeping a space between the vegetation and your home, the idea is also to create a space between individual trees and bushes. This will stop the fire from spreading from tree to tree, or bush to bush.

How to Create Defensible Space

There are several ways of creating defensible space, and things you have to remember when you do. They include:

  1. Clear away bushes and waste from under trees. In the event of a woodland fire, this brush acts as kindling to set the tree alight. By clearing it away you slow the spread of fire along the ground.
  2. After thinning the crown of each tree, don’t leave leaves, branches and other waste lying around. You can get rid of this fuel by using it as compost, or taking it to the dump.
  3. Take special care to remove dead and dying branches from trees. Dry, dead wood either still attached to the tree or on the ground makes excellent fuel for a fire.
  4. Prune the lower levels of trees with care. Make sure that the bottom third of a tree is bare of branches, while only thinning out the top two thirds. Having an empty space between the crown and the ground prevents fire spreading from the ground, to the more combustible crown.
  5. Mow regularly during the summer. Fire spreads through dry grass very quickly. Keeping the grass short both slows the spread of fire, and means that it doesn’t burn as long.
  6. Continually maintain your yard and clear away leaves/needles and branches regularly. Doing so will minimize the amount of fuel that is available for a fire.

By following these six simple tips on creating defensible space, you could protect your property in the event of fire and tragedy. But far better than doing all of this is calling an expert to do it for you. 

Should You Call an Expert for fire mitigation Colorado Springs?

If you want an expert to help you with fire mitigation Colorado Springs, look no further than Peak Tree Services. There are two good reasons why you should consider hiring a helping hand.

First, a person that knows how to create defensible areas, and what they look like, has valuable experience. They know what works and what doesn’t. They’re familiar with the latest guidelines on securing property for clients. While it’s always good to learn DIY techniques, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, your property could be at stake.

Not only that, but clearing a yard is hard work. That’s especially the case if your yard is overgrown enough to be a fire risk. Hacking away at plants and bushes, pruning trees and keeping tidy as you go is demanding manual labor. It’s best performed by a team so that you can get it done quickly, rather than leaving the job to linger over a week, or weeks.

Last but not least, you can benefit from an expert’s advice. Not only do they know exactly how to create a defensible area, but they can give you advice on how to keep your yard safe moving forward. 

Why Call Peak Tree Service for fire mitigation Colorado Springs?

Peak Tree Services are the team that you need. They offer tree removal, trimming, and the creation of defensible spaces to clients in the Colorado Springs area—and have done for fifteen years now. Peak Tree Service’s work is fully insured, and they even offer you a free estimate to make sure you know how much everything will cost before work begins. 

Not only that, but Peak Tree Services’ owner and staff are exceptionally knowledgeable about trees and the conditions that affect them. If there’s anything wrong with the trees in your yard, they can figure out what the problem is and what to do about it. So aside from creating defensible spaces, Peak Tree Services is your first port of call for anything to do with the trees in your yard.

Peak Tree Service offers tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal services.

So, think you need to have your yard looked at? Then look no further than Peak Tree Services. Call them today, or leave them a message through their online contact form. Their friendly team is waiting to give you a hand!